Are You Listening to the Words of The Deceiver?

transformation Jan 14, 2022

Stop Dancing With The Enemy by Mari Plank Dance of The Word/Dance with The Deceiver


 In this video, Precious is listening to the Words of the Deceiver. His words are causing death and destruction. As she listens, her soul feels like a dark night of despair. The Deceiver's words are like shards of glass cutting and wounding her.

God sent his Son, Jesus, to redeem us. He has written down his will for our lives, and as we believe it and confess it, it literally begins to become a reality. Some people believe for a great number of things but see very little manifestation of them. Perhaps the reason is that they are believing but not speaking. They may see some results of their faith, but not the radical results that would experience if they would bring their mouth along with their hearts into God's service. (see Romans 10-19 10).

Some people are trying to live in the blessings of the Lord while still speaking in ungodly ways. We need to avoid making that mistake. We will not see positive results in our daily lives if we speak negative things. We should remember that but we are speaking, we are calling for. We are reaching into the spiritual realm and drawing up something according to our words. We can reach into Satan's realm, the realm of curses, and draw out evil, negative things, or we can reach into God's realm through His Word, the realm of blessings, and draw out good, positive things. Words are like seeds. They carry creative or destructive power.  Stop Dancing With The Enemy is available on